How Do I Love Essays.ph? Let Me Write The Ways


My affair with Essays.ph started a little over a year ago.  My short writing stint with another online company has just ended and I was looking for another avenue.  I learned about Essays.ph from a job search site but I still wanted to make sure it’s not a scam.  I read reviews about the company and sure enough, I found some negative comments about it.  But some comments sounded personal to me, more like the rant of a disgruntled employee so I paid no heed.

I filled out the application form, submitted an article about car loan for minors and waited for a reply.  With only 5 weeks of article writing experience, I wasn’t sure I’d pass.  I still have plenty of food to chew – or articles to write.  Luckily, I passed.

What to Expect

The required keywords can sometimes be out of this world and some topics would make Maria Clara faint.  Seriously, how would you expect me to write a convincing article about p***s extenders?  I’m a girl for Pete’s sake.  Never mind the cryptic stares I get from my family members when I browse about male enhancement and herpes.

Depending on the AD (assignment details), articles can vary from 100 words to 1000 words or more.  A 500-word article is normally worth 60 pesos.  You might earn more once you become a green team or a blue team member.

Points are the currency in EPH.  1 point = 1 peso.  Each assignment set has corresponding points which will only be credited once your assignment is accepted.  Your submitted work can go “Unreviewed” for days, especially if you took a writing slot in a set that requires 20 writers.  I guess, all slots need to be taken first before the editors review your work.  I’m not sure if this is the standard practice though.

Brace yourself.  Revisions “is” imminent.  My, my, I might receive a revision notification for this.  My point is you shouldn’t be complacent.  Even when you’re a writing superstar, it’s possible to miss a period here and a comma there.  Sprinkle it with SVA errors, run on sentences, awkward sentences, and voila, you have the perfect recipe for a subpar set.  May I remind you that if the revised article is still unfit for delivery it might be rejected and assigned to another writer.  So, proofread baby!

You have 24 hours to submit your articles.  Send them a minute later and the system will release your slot.  And you can’t claim it again.  (Actually, you can after 24 hours, if it’s still available).  Shh, don’t tell anyone you heard it from me.

To date, I’ve been writing for more than a year and what a learning experience it has been.  Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.  I get revisions and one article was even rejected by the client.  Why do I stay?  I like that I can choose a topic to write or take a break once in a while.  The support forums are user-friendly.  I can interact with other writers on the Writers Cafeteria, a forum where writers can spam to their heart’s content.  The online manual is every newbie’s guide but if I need help with an AD, the editors are just a text or an IM away.  They even give you writing tips.

Yes, a big salary is a major deciding factor when looking for a job but I learned that it’s not the only thing that can give you satisfaction.  Coming from someone who has worked with several companies, I can tell you that apart from the money, what can really make you stay in a job are the friends you make, the appreciation you get even for a small job, and employers who have your best interest at heart.  And that’s what I find in Essays.ph.